Wednesday, January 28, 2015

love notes for valentine's day

each love note painting comes gift wrapped in hand painted paper with a hand stamped tag

a moleskine, with a favorite lino cut print, for writing your love notes

i love making these little intimate paintings. the process of layering and texturing is very meditative. then comes the tricky part, for the black ones. while the paint is still wet, i scratch the words into the canvas in, to my eye,  a very imperfectly perfect way. it feels like a secret message to the one you love.

i was asked to make a custom one for a couple who just got engaged. i was so honored and thrilled to be asked. i'm so excited for them!

there's a few more in the shop.



Leslee Lukosh said...

So romantic! I love your stuff!

Lisa said...

thanks so much Leslee - that means a lot coming from such a talented artist (you)! thanks for visiting!