Tuesday, March 3, 2015

call for artists

wanted to share with you my son Dylan's year long thesis project. i may have mentioned around here that he is a graphic design major graduating this year. it's a project that hopes to put art lovers in touch with artists by giving a taste of the artist's work, with the hope that relationships and sales will grow beyond that first taste. you can be a part of it by clicking here!

What is Amuse-Bouche: The Art Appetizer?

Amuse-Bouche (uh-mooz-boosh) is French for ‘entertains the mouth.’ In the culinary world it is usually a small, original, bite-sized appetizer which is created personally by the chef and cannot be found on a menu. It is an expression of the chef’s skill and style and can predict the culinary approach to the rest of the meal. We use the phrase Amuse-Bouche here in a similar sense. A small, original sample of art, created and inspired by the artist to help build the artistic appetite. Collect the art boxes and try out new artists and styles all without making the financial commitment of a large work. Amuse-Bouche brings a taste of different artists directly to you. Bon Appetit!

art box for the artist's work

working into the wee hours getting everything ready

a taste of art

another taste


Courtney Howard said...

so neat... I didn't realize your children had a passion for art like yourself. Can I still participate in this? it sounds like so much fun. After my postcard exchange never actually worked because someone hoarded all of our postcards... lol. Hope all is well with you!

Lisa said...

Courtney! you can totally still participate. click on the link to register. it would be awesome to have you as a part of this! as for the postcard exchange - i was loving it. it was a great idea. maybe they got lost in the mail? hope your are well too!