Monday, July 13, 2015


lavender makes me so happy.

i have a couple of pots-full near my back door and i trail my fingers through it as i pass by. even the leaves smell amazing. it just makes me smile every time.

it's so true what they say about smell and memory.

a long time ago, when i was very pregnant with my middle son - i was tired and cranky and a little down and i had to pick up my daughter at her friend zach's house. when i got there, zach's mom could tell i wasn't a happy camper so she went to her pantry, rummaged around a little, and pulled out a gallon sized bag of dried lavender and handed it to me.  here, this is for you, she said.

zach and his family moved across the country not too long after that but every time i smell lavender, i think of zach's mom and that small act of kindness.

and now i'm thinking about what i can do with my tiny little harvest. i'm imagining something lemony and lavendery and yummy. like these maybe.

lemon lavender pound cake with greek yogurt
roasted cherry lavender ice cream roasted cherries... oh my.
lemon lavender cupcakes
lemon lavender pots de creme

or maybe some lavender sugar. seems pretty easy -

1 cup sugar
2 -3 tsps. lavender
1 vanilla bean (optional)

mix sugar and lavender together with the seeds scraped from the vanilla bean (if using) in an air tight container. shake every day for 2 weeks and then use liberally!

i went a little crazy so you can find even more lavender recipes and a cocktail or two on this pinterest board



Becca Koopmans said...

Perfectly presented and shared, Lisa...LOVE lavender too as it was my spunky Aunt's favorite and reminds me of her sass and class every time...thanks for sharing...xo

Lisa said...

would've loved to have met your Aunt, Becca. she sounds like my kinda people! thanks for visiting and sharing. xo