Sunday, July 26, 2015

new work

spent part of the day taking photos of some prints for my etsy shop and thought i'd share a behind the scenes photo.

really, i just want to show you the chair i found while thrifting yesterday. it's all chippy and cracked paint, great texture. it's just what i'm trying to reproduce in my mixed media paintings without having to wait for time and use to work its magic.

a while back, i made a locket like these for my daughter with some dried flowers and bits and pieces i've saved over the years. things that are meaningful to her.

i had a lot of fun with it so i decided to make some for my shop. these have vintage maps and little starry watercolor paintings in them.

i've had this heart shaped pincushion made with an old quilt for a long time. it gave me an idea for a photograph - something raw and a bit gritty looking. painful.

there are prints and other assorted goodies at redbubble and society6 if you'd like to take a peek.


and finally, we have bunches of mint muscling in on the lilacs and delphiniums. to do our part and save the flower bed from a complete takeover we are having to drink mojitos...

it's a wonderful life.



MarĂ­a Bradley said...

Love everything here, Lisa! Your new chair is amazing, the pincuchion, the lockets, I love it all!! Glad to know you are having good summer time :)

Lisa said...

thanks so much Maria, you're such a sweetheart!! xx

Becca Koopmans said...

What a smile you put on my face, Lisa...your chippy chair, witty comments and beauty...served up regularly here.
Thank you so much for sharing. xo

Lisa said...

Becca thanks for being such a supporter of this little old blog. hugs to you!! xo