Sunday, May 29, 2016


Lilac season is ending and now come the foxgloves and lupines in my upstate ny backyard. Ever since a trip to Martha's Vineyard where hydrangeas run riot in front of perfectly weathered silvery-gray front porches, I have coveted them. This year we have started our own little humble hydrangea border. I hope they like their new home and grow as prodigiously as I remember. I can almost smell the salty ocean air.

These are some flour sack towels that I hand printed with carved blocks. I like to hang them on the wall as art and I even use them as curtains.

My favorite succulent has bolted trying to reach the sun this past winter.

I knew I shouldn't have taken the mint out of it's pot where it was perfectly happy thank you very much, but I did. Now it is in our small back garden with leaves at least 3" long. They are just begging to be made into mojitos but I have a feeling that may not be enough to stem the tide. I came across this idea which may help us a bit and maybe you too.


Happy summer people!



Becca Koopmans said...

I LOVE your talents, Lisa and your snippets of beauty that you gleam from outdoors and your own hands. Those hand towels! Thanks for sharing the mint ice cubes....what a fun thing to try...can't wait. xo

Lisa said...

Becca, you're a sweetheart, no two ways about it! thanks for stopping by my friend! xo