Tuesday, June 14, 2016

happy dancing

so, you know, this thing happened. i got published. in a magazine. crazy, right?  it's the summer issue of somerset studio gallery. it's been a long process that started in january when they contacted me to submit a few pieces. at that time, the publication date was so far in the future that i couldn't quite believe it was going to happen. but it did!

and it's so surreal to see your work like this but it is oh so awesome too! one of the paintings even sold. there's an amazing feeling when someone purchases your art. i'm not talking about the money part, although that's great, cause i do want to be the unstarving kind of artist. but this feeling that you're showing something that came from inside you and that somebody else gets what you're showing, they understand it, it says something to them, and there's this connection. a connection to someone i've never met. very cool stuff.

here's the one that sold

i even got a mention on the editor's page!

i'm so thankful to have had this opportunity and now that i've had a taste... i think i might want more. who knows exactly what that means but this has been so very cool.



Becca said...

Happy dancing with you, Friend...hooray!!
I love the look of the article, so happy to hear your editor's mention and that the beautiful piece sold...woo-hoo! xo

Lisa said...

thank you so much for celebrating with me my dear friend! Hugs to you! xo