Thursday, July 14, 2016


I found these sweet paper dolls and clothes at an auction and just had to have them. Nostalgia of course. I can remember playing with my own paper dolls as a kid. They seem like such a thing of the past now. I can't imagine, with all the things available to kids, that they would hold much allure anymore.

But they have inspired some new work.

each one has embroidered stitches!

I wanted to keep the silhouette from each of the originals that I'm working with, leaving out the details - making it more about the shape and patterns. I'm also playing with background colors, wanting lots of contrast. The orange canvas in the middle has at least 5 layers underneath and I'm not happy with it yet, so there will be even more. Nothing has been attached yet and I'm thinking of adding some stitches of my own.

As I cut out my paper doll clothes I think about the little girl who cut out her doll clothes. Thinking about her little hands adding those careful stitches and feeling her excitement. I'm so enjoying this work.

My dear friend gave me bunches of mock orange. Enough to have our very own small bush. Inside. The scent - amazing! Up there with lilacs and lily of the valley.



Becca said...

Oh, Lisa...I LOVE what you are doing with such precious treasures from the past. The hand stitching is adorable and reminds me of sweet slower times. xo

Lisa said...

Knew you could appreciate these little treasures my nimble fingered friend! Hugs to you! xo

janet said...

Love these, Lisa!💜

Lisa said...

thank you Janet, you're a sweetheart!