Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So much has been happening - a graduation for middle son, a party and house guests for his graduation and a  firm decision to sell our house and a list of everything that needs to be done to sell it.  

First the graduation... so happy and proud am I and we got to share it with good friends, you know, the kind that are family.

So the decision to sell our house is a bittersweet one.  We love it but it's just too big now. So on the market she goes.  The list of things to do is long and we've set a date to put it on the market, which isn't far away.  To both challenge and treat ourselves for all the work, middle son, a very good cook and baker has promised a new dessert for every few things we check off the list.  Strawberry shortcake was our first treat.  We plan to get sick on strawberries while they are in season.  
Middle son and I plan on starting a blog within a blog thing where we will cook gluten free and post recipes and pictures to share.  Our dessert treats will be a part of this.   Here's what we have been snacking on from our first quart, strawberries and nutella.  Yum!

I'm not hungry, I'll just pick...

While middle son was replacing outdoor light fixtures, he found this nest tucked on top of one.  We will have to wait till the babies fly away to cross that chore off our list.  But how sweet is that?

The work that went into this beautiful little nest is just amazing to me.  Look how soft it is.  A perfect home for these eggs.  A little gift for us.

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