Monday, June 6, 2011

seriously adorable treasure (at least to me)

i have a thing about old childrens chairs.  their miniature size just gets me.  the more age the better.  worn finishes, paint spatters, some rust - that's all just glorious patina, right?  so i convince middle son to stop at a yard sale because they have lots of big people chairs lined up and so maybe there's some little people chairs too.   there is lots of old junk, stuff my father would have had stashed in his work room - i love it.  the problem is, is that we are trying to declutter to move into a smaller house.  but then i saw this little blue chair.  and a neat old book for inspiration.  i just had to have them.  so middle son suggests to me that i should give up one of the other little chairs at home that i've collected.  i am outraged.  i tell him that if the house was on fire, he and his brother and sister would be the first things i would get out and then i would go back for those chairs. 

i'm kind of joking but i'm also kind of not.  

middle son probably thinks i'm crazy.

seriously adorable little blue chair and 1912 tennyson book


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