Saturday, June 25, 2011

dinner night, a collaboration

this is an open invitation to our virtual house for dinner. about once a week, middle son and i will  find inspiration from a cookbook, magazine, our pantry and our csa veggie share and make a meal.  we thought this would be a neat way to document his last summer home before he goes off to college.  and we like to share. 

middle son has had his own blog for a few years now where he creates his own recipes and talks about all things gluten free.  why gluten free?  his brother has celiac disease which means that gluten is really, really bad for him.  for a better description than that, check out this.  since we never wanted our celiac to feel like some foods were off limits all our meals are gluten free.  and they're good enough that even the gluten eaters are happy.

so our first dinner will be at middle son's blog and next week it will be right here.  our dinners are very casual, flip flops and dogs are welcome.  enjoy!