Thursday, July 21, 2011

a table is born

after much conversation with myself because of this, i decided that i still had to have these vintage porcelain casters from altered archeology. jessica has some very cool items in her shop, a great mix of unusual vintage items, assemblage and art jewelry. gorgeous stuff. so i bought the casters, deciding to treat myself.  because i deserve it. so there.

do you treat yourself by buying vintage porcelain casters, i wonder?

they were lovingly added to my collection (they sat hidden away in a box with other casters and door knobs) until in a very happy and serendipitous way, my old printer broke.  some mght ask why that would be a happy occurence.  to them i say, keep reading, it gets better. so.  this meant that... we had to buy a new printer, new one doesn't fit where old one did.  we need table for said new printer. lightbulb moment!  let's make one using that old door cabinet that has been sitting outside all winter (snow, rain, ice, wind) getting perfectly weathered,  find legs for it and, you guessed it, use the casters!  i felt vindicated!

casters from altered archeology

this is how happy i am with the finished table!

special thanks go to middle son for all the work!

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Christine said...

I LOVE your new table! It's so rustic and full of character. Well done. :)