Wednesday, January 25, 2012

birthday in gloucester

massachusetts, that is.

as i mentioned in an earlier post, my kids took me to see the ocean for my birthday.  the weather was amazing for january, a perfect day for the beach. so many people had the same idea.  it was as if we all recognized what a gift a day like this was and we all couldn't help smiling at each other. even the dogs.  

the top picture is the view from our motel room.  i was happy.

i have to give some love to the 2 restaurants we went to.  it's always tricky for a celiac to eat out, so we are always thrilled to find places that have gluten free items, let alone a menu.  the bottom two pictures show gf pizza from guiseppes (ask for the gf menu!) and gf waffles from mamie's kitchen.  if you're ever in gloucester you've got to try them.  to be honest, we'd be at mamie's every sunday for breakfast if we lived in the area.


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