Monday, January 30, 2012


i've been making these cards for a few years now.  i can remember when i first started, sitting around with my daughter, coming up with ever more ridiculous combinations - you're the lima to my bean, anyone?  one that got rejected for being just a wee bit over the top was - you're the sid to my nancy.  yeah, very bad taste. 

i got the idea from a song that i don't know the name of and i can't remember who sang it.  but this is the line that inspired the cards - you're the chocolate in my pocket (sound familiar to anyone?)  so i love this idea of having this little treasure, this gift of chocolate, savoring it, anticipating it, and you keep it real close to you, in your pocket where it's comfy and warm.  and then you finally take it out and... well, it's soft and melty and now you have to work for it, you have to get a little messy to eat it.  and i feel love is like that, being in love, being married, being with someone for the long haul.

this might be why i'm single now.

but i love the contradiction, which i think is closer to real life. so... you're the itch to my poison ivy is the itch that you love to scratch but it can be a bit annoying too.  

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