Thursday, June 14, 2012

happy hour

my idea of a happy hour? a champagne cocktail with mint and lemon sorbet from fresh 365 and some virtual window shopping.  here's the recipe and the finds.

2 tsp. fresh mint leaves, muddled or finely chopped, 2 large scoops lemon sorbet, 1/3 c. vodka, 3/4 c. champagne or sparkling wine
in a large glass place a pinch of mint.  add one scoop sorbet, another pinch of mint and the other scoop of sorbet. pour in vodka then top with champagne and the rest of the mint. garnish with a mint sprig.  makes 1 cocktail.

ombre salad set from oMEandoMY

pastel pink cocktail sugar from dellcovespices for the next happy hour!

one of a kind collage necklace from tsifcaonline

sweet dreams print from SandraDieckmann

diamond brooch from KRAFTandCARAT

i know the pieces fit from caryndrexl

ww1 folding cookware from TexasReclaimed

retro standing mic from 1560main

floppy sun hat from moaningminnie

precious from crush cul de sac

of course the only thing i had on hand was the mint growing in a pot on my patio, so if someone tries the cocktail. let me know how it was!


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