Friday, June 15, 2012

late night thoughts

visiting my mom i came across this bumper sticker on a beat up pick up truck today -

real men
always resort to violence

kind of gave me shivers.

i mean i think it's supposed to be funny but there's kind of nothing funny about it, right?
maybe, being a woman, i just don't get it?

my parents live in a small town and when i used to work in their convenience store, i would hear people say the most outrageous and ignorant things.  things i couldn't believe anyone could think let alone say out loud in this day and age.

maybe i'm overreacting...

here's my antidote

enlightenment from LiliZen

this one just cracks me up and i love the colors

what do you think?

it is so past my bedtime. goodnight kids...
sleep well.


Little Red Feather said...

That is a horrible bumper sticker... I hate guns and things like that but my boyfriend thinks its fun. Maybe the sticker had some truth to it. Maybe a real man is an idiot. Living in kentucky I have seen some women... almost said ladies who like violence just as much as any boy. Oh well it's good that you made up or it with all these lovely quotes.

Lisa said...

there's part of me that says - to each his own - but this was just so disturbing. my mind kept going to various scenarios from a bar room fight to domestic abuse. thanks for making me feel like i wasn't overreacting too much. :)

Baban Cat said...

Violence against anyone is wrong on every count. Being violent towards women is the lowest thing a 'man' can stoop to. Fisherman Dan would never do such a thing!

Lisa said...

fisherman Dan is a real man.

Debra said...

I have zip tolerance for it. It gets my blood boiling.

I feel anyone who would put such a thing "right out there" is looking for reaction & the way I handle that (trust me I could use some choice words) is to..ignore & continue teaching my Sons about respect & living & loving all.

We can't change the world...just continue to try to be the change others will see in us.

Lisa said...

great advice Debra! you're right, we can't change the world but we can teach our kids. thanks for sharing.