Tuesday, June 19, 2012

what were we thinking?

it all started with a paint sale at home depot.

our bathroom has great bones, (is that a little like saying - he has a great personality when your friend describes your blind date?)  the problem is the wallpaper that's lifting off the wall.  and then there is this particular shade of magenta/maroon in the wallpaper that the previous owners decided to highlight by painting it on the faux tin ceiling and the claw foot tub and the old cast iron stove-cum-bathroom sink.  then there is the gold painted crown molding.  the multi-colored cork flooring.  the polished marble floor insets under the throne and tub.  the victorian-ish gingerbread that is supposed to camouflage the circular shower curtain rod complete with a gold trimmed sheer valance.  the home made, glass backed medicine cabinet that allows you to see said wallpaper every time you open the door. did i mention the woodwork? highly varnished and dark, but not quite dark enough to be cool.  and the doorknobs, those old swirled glass ones.   wainscoting.  so, yeah, it has great bones but for this girl who used to live in a basically all white house with painted white molding and distressed white furniture it's getting a bit claustrophobic.

so, the paint.  rather quickly, for me, i chose a creamy white for all the molding and wainscoting and a light warmish blue for the walls.  then we saw a paint sample of a silver that looks like an old mirror and got inspired to try it on the faux tin ceiling.  i originally thought i'd buy the paint, since it was on sale, and have it ready when we were ready.  because we were supposed to be working on a pergola.  but somehow we let our enthusiasm for having a newer, brighter bathroom take over.

four days later and we are finally able to start painting.  this was the first time i've ever removed wallpaper and i can honestly say i never want to do it again.  unlucky for me i have two more rooms with the darn stuff.  and remember i mentioned all that varnished woodwork and wainscoting?  thank god we remembered to buy those hospital mask thingies.  we were caked in spackle (used to cover up all the places where the wallpaper ripped off the top paper layer of sheet rock) and varnish and wood grit.

wallpaper, victorian-style gingerbread surrounding the shower curtain rod and fake tin ceiling

multi-colored (looks like marbled paper) cork floor butting up against polished marble tiles, magenta tub

magenta cast iron stove/sink

high gloss wainscoting and polished marble tile

90s bar light above medicine cabinet

demolition begins

sanded wainscoting

spackle on the walls to cover bare spots.  i decided to embrace the unevenness of the walls

here are some bathrooms to dream about...   if you're into that kind of thing

another late night...goodnight kids.
sleep well.


Sarajan said...

Oh, dear, what a big project. But, the rewards will be even bigger. It will be beautiful.

Lisa said...

who knew it would turn out to be so big. what's a little sanding and scraping? we are getting there though. thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement!