Thursday, June 21, 2012

happy hour

did anyone try the champagne cocktail from last happy hour?  me neither, too busy scraping wallpaper and sanding woodwork.  the summer is young though and there's plenty of time.  here's a strawberry basil sangria  i plan to enjoy while spending an hour virtually window shopping.  here's the recipe and the finds.

1/2 lb. fresh strawberries, 1 apple, 1 oz. fresh whole basil leaves, 1 bottle chardonnay, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup club soda, 1 cup white grape juice.

trim and thinly slice strawberries and slice and dice apple into very small bits.  rub the basil leaves gently with a fork to release their flavor.  layer the fruit, sugar and basil in a large pitcher and let sit for about 10 minutes. add the club soda first and then the remaining liquids. stir well and serve.

vintage midriff top from vintageriches

1950s gingham romper from TenderVintage

vintage movie camera from EitherOrFinds

original abstract landscape from ThisCreativeBliss

vintage ford galaxy from DairyFarmAntiques

patio lights from cottonlight

croquet set from fleabitten

asian silk parasol from VandyleeVintage



Sarajan said...

Several ladies in my circle have discovered the joys of a delicious Sangria - can't wait to try the recipe. Honestly, if I were attempting to renovate/restore a bathroom like you are, I'd need something a lot stronger than sangria! Big projects reap big rewards. It will be beautiful. Cheers!

Lisa said...

i feel like i need something stronger! thank goodness there are no saws or measuring involved. yet. i will post an update soon with walls primed - looks like a different room! thanks for your kind words! i am enjoying your blog!