Friday, September 28, 2012

apple picking

views from the car on the way to pick apples.  amazing clouds.

i'm just a little in love with the washed out blue sky and red apples in this photo.  

here's some new work.  a little collage using a vintage technicolor motel brochure, some painted and colored papers and the text is a tape transfer of a newspaper headline. does anyone do tape transfers?  how do they work for you?   i love them because they are so immediate but they can be a bit temperamental for me.    

we've gone apple picking ever since my kids were young.  it was always great fun.  apple picking now, with a 24, 19 and 17 year old is a completely different kind of fun and i love it.  i'm glad we went last weekend since it's supposed to rain till tuesday here.  (oh i just might have to go find a youtube video of voices carry, now)   youngest son has a road test coming up so there will be much practicing of parallel parks and 3 point turns.  i've got to finish the fortune cookie wisdom calendar and at least attempt to clean my house.  but aren't rainy fall days perfect for getting cozy on the couch wrapped in a blanket and watching a movie?  especially if popcorn and hot chocolate are involved? 

what are your weekend plans?  whatever you do, enjoy!


Amanda said...

I'm so jealous of your apple picking! It still feels like summer here! :)

Lisa said...

it was great fun! thanks for stopping by amanda :)

Holly said...

Apple picking is the best! My sons two and can't wait to go next month. Glad you had a good time and hope you put them to good use and made some apple pies :)

Lisa said...

used to do pies but since we have to do gluten free in our house i make lots of apple crisps now. i do miss a good apple pie though!