Monday, October 1, 2012

embracing gray

it didn't actually rain all weekend but we did have some amazing gray cloudy skies.  i do love the color gray and so i'm choosing to embrace the gray skies as well as the blue.  is there some deeper meaning here?  hmm...

in honor of gray, i offer the following for your viewing pleasure







our monday morning surprise: looks like we might have a dose of pink eye in our midst.  some chicken soup might be in order and possibly a trip to the doctor. i'll be heading to the drug store for hand sanitizer and keeping my distance. but in a loving way.

any monday morning surprises for you?  aren't they the best?


Angie Ouellette-Tower said...

These are beautiful examples of "gray" - when I first saw the title I thought of my undyed hair (hahaha). Stopping by from Blogging Buddies.

Anonymous said...

NICE photos of the grey skies and nice finds. Hope your day gets better.

Lisa said...

thanks for stopping by angie. and yes, i too thought of my undyed hair. i'm just not ready to embrace that much gray yet!

Lisa said...

@ artisanallunwound, thanks for visiting and yes it's getting better, thanks!

Jessica Yambao said...

Gorgeous gray skies :) Love the post!
- Jessica, a fellow Blogging Buddies member :)

Lisa said...

hey jessica, thanks for stopping by!

Connie said...

Gray is a beautiful color and I love my gray hair, every single strand. Last Fall I dyed mine with a wash out dye. It was suppose to wash out in 12 shampoos . . . wrong. It did start to fade a little, but it took almost a year for all the dye to be gone. Many times I thought about cutting it, just to start over.
My favorite colors are red, blue and gray :)
Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing this awesome post. Connie :)

Lisa said...

gray is beautiful and someday i will embrace my gray hair too! thanks for visiting connie